Whittle Eastern Europe Logistics Limited



Yes it all started 25 years ago when WHITTLE EASTERN EUROPE came into the world…

…and from humble beginnings: 5 people in small premises in rural Grindleton – telephones, fax machines, floppy discs, good old Atlas and road maps, a few Eastern European languages and a strong determination to succeed.

With a lot of hard work and commitment to the highest quality of service, the company has grown to become a major player in the EASTERN EUROPEAN logistics market.

We now employ over 40 staff across 5 departments and 5 suites in the relative luxury of the Printworks in Barrow, with a turnover around £20 million and now speaking 24 languages!

But most importantly we’ve become a trusted and valued service supplier to countless household names, and a logistics specialist well-respected by fellow professionals.

It’s been a hell of a journey over the last 25 years – thank you for being part of it!

Here’s to the next 25!!


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