Whittle Eastern Europe Logistics Limited

Whittle Response to the situation in Ukraine


Whilst it is distressing to witness the scenes of destruction and the desperate plight of thousands innocent Ukrainian families it is nevertheless heart-warming to see the strength of the humanitarian response.


Thanks to the kindness of people and businesses in the UK, with donations of food, clothing, sleeping bags, first aid kits, torches, medicines, toiletries and pharmaceuticals,  desperately needed supplies are being delivered to key crisis points on the Ukrainian border. This can only be done with an effective logistics solution: to get the goods where they’re needed most.


WHITTLE EASTERN EUROPE have been actively engaged in this project in recent weeks and so far have organised over 60 trucks of humanitarian aid from the UK to the Polish/Ukrainian border. We have staff in the office from Poland and Ukraine providing trailers & drivers, organising  international transport from consolidation points,  booking ferries and providing customs documentation and liaison where required, to ensure the cargo can transit intermediate borders with minimum hindrance and delay.


We are also responsible for liaison with the receivers of the cargo. We speak to them in  their own language to ensure the aid is delivered and distributed as efficiently as possible to where it’s needed most.


So a big thank you to all who have made a donation, however small.


We are here to help, contact David@weell.co.uk or tel 01254 825 599 for friendly expert advice