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Poland: New Goods Monitoring System

With effect from 1st May 2017 the Polish government are introducing new regulations to crack down on VAT fraud on certain “sensitive” goods.

The new system will require shipments to be registered on line,  with entries to be completed by sender, recipient and carrier.

The commodities covered by this new legislation are petroleum derivatives such as liquid fuels, oils, lubricants, also some automotive fluids, ethyl alcohols and dried tobacco.

If you’re buying or selling these types of product in Poland (or transiting across Poland with them to/from other EU countries such as the Baltic states), please click here for more information.

The system will be rigidly enforced and substantial penalties are likely for non-compliance.

Of course Whittle Eastern Europe are here to help and guide you through the new system. To check whether your products are covered or exempt, please contact us.