Whittle Eastern Europe Logistics Limited

Whittle has cover the longest ever route in our company history

As specialists in logistics to the distant parts of Europe – including Central Asia, Russia and the Caspian – we at Whittle Eastern Europe are proud to announce our longest ever road freight route.

We have shipped mining machinery out to Siberia before, but we currently have a full trailer load of chemicals in transit from Aberdeen to one of the remotest regions in Russia.

The goods are crossing Russia almost entirely from West to East and their destination – beyond Kazakhstan,  Mongolia and even China – is Korsakov on Sakhalin Island, just North of Japan in the Pacific!

The distance by road is over 13,000 kms, (a third of the distance around the world at the equator) and with a double-manned vehicle the journey will only take 14-18 days.

Sakhalin is Russia’s largest island. Half of Sakhalin belonged to Japan, but Russia seized it in the final days of the Second World War.  Sakhalin’s economy is growing rapidly thanks to its oil and gas industry. The island is the largest recipient of foreign investment in Russia, followed by Moscow.

It just goes to show – for road-freight to Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and beyond – Whittle have all the solutions you could possibly wish for!